GALERIE IMAGINAIRE is an exhibition of my works in a very personal gallery. My works are developed in thematic groups. With the computer I could present the paintings with their variations in a more complex vision. The name Galerie imaginaire borrows and uses in a very personal way the title of a book ‘Le musèe imaginaire’, by André Malraux ‘Psychology of art’ 1957

With the GRAVITA my research touches on the theme of both human and natural violence: shapes break, bodies fall or lie covered in rubble. The SHIFTING series refers to the wars of the recent past and recalls the geographical maps and strategic plans of a military command. SEDIMENTI concerns the collage technique whose individual elements, like sediments from bygone times, to condense into a new composition and form. In MURATURA the crumbling wall becomes a metaphor for the loss of individual and social experience and memory.



Firenze, 2024