Ephemeral Drawings 1978-1982

Installations with materials that dissolve (plaster, ash dust) or melt (ice) over time. Drawings on asphalt, on paths covered with grass, on canvases on the ground that dissolve over time due to wind, rain, growing grass and passersby and vehicles passing over them. The photos document the process of the dissolution in the following weeks.



VÖGEL. Chalk drawing on asphalt, Krautsand 1978




Proiezione FACADE. Chalk drawing, Krautsand 1978




Proiezione STRUCTURE. Chalk drawing, Hamburg 1978




NEL CORSO DI UN ANNO (During the year) Spiral. Drawing with coal dust, Florence 1980



NEL CORSO DI UN ANNO (During the year) Spiral. Drawings with brick dust at the entrance of a theater, Hamburg/Ferrara 1982





PEACE. The word PEACE is formed of white painted stones on the west side of the hill of San Giuliano Terme Pisa. Photo 2: white stones forming the word PEACE photographed after one month. Photo 3: presentation of the work (photo and white stone) during the exhibition ‘Dorn im Auge’, Hamburg 1982