Action with materials 1978-2000

The artist’s action creates an environment in which drawing, painting, but also objects and materials develop into a complete overall work. The artist’s intervention initiates processes of change: the fire creates ash, the ice melts, the rain and humidity solidify the cement powder mixed with colored pigments, etc. The materials thus obtained are often reused and become part of the work.




SCHMELZE (melting), 3 Objekte mit Eis. Galerie Vor Ort. Hamburg 1982





ERINNERUNG AN POGGIOSECCO (memory of poggiosecco) 8 days – 8 drawings, exhibition from Hamburg artists. Hamburg Altona




THEKLAS SCHWERMUT (Theclas graduationo), Installation with cement and pigment, bricks and sticks, exhibition at Palazzo Piccolomini. Pienza 1981




KOHLEZEICHNUNG (Chalk drawing), Installation. Florence, Berlin 1981




RAMI (Branches), Drawing on paper, Installation. Florence 1984




WEIGHTS, Installation. Painting on canvas with 3 hanging stones, strips of burnt canvases. Florence and in the countryside 1984