Balken 1978-1981

Subject is the beam structure inside an old barn on the bank of the Elbe between Hamburg and the North Sea. The geometry of the intersection of beams and columns and above all the material quality of the corroded wood marked by time evokes an almost ‘mystical’ interpretation.

The strong brushstrokes repeat the movement of the beams, imitating the construction with a breath-movement from the inside to the outside. The first works are made in tempera on paper and cardboard. Later the large-format works were made on canvas and jute.



BALKEN 8, 1979. Tempera on canvas, 145×200 cm.




BALKEN 4, 1978. Tempera on canvas, 66×66 cm.




BALKEN 14, 1978. Tempera on canvas, 50×70 cm.




BALKEN 9, 1978. Tempera on canvas, 180×200 cm.








BALKEN 10, 1978. Tempera on canvas, 170×200 cm.




BALKEN 2, 1978. Tempera on canvas, 150×105 cm.




BALKEN 11, 1980. Tempera on canvas, 180×110 cm.




BALKEN 5, 1978. Tempera on paper, 68×91 cm.




BALKEN Virtual composition