Boundary shifts, 2022. Collage, acrylics on paper, 91×125 cm.



Icaro, 2022. Collage, acrylics on paper, 122×82 cm.




Invito all’oscurità, 2022. Acrylics on paper, 85×122 cm.



The work MURATURA is a collage and thematically belongs to the SEDIMENTI group. 26 elements painted in 14x24cm format like bricks make up the remains of a crumbling wall as a metaphor for the traces left in people’s lives.
Paper collage on cardboard, 85 × 130 cm, 2021.




MURATURA, 2021. Collage of 26 elements, 85×130 cm.




Sketch for MURATURA, 2021. 90×140 cm.




Photographs of crumbling walls